Hi, I'm Laura πŸ‘‹

I’m a passionate problem-solver & designer, with 10+ years experience in digital product & experience design - and I'm on a mission to make people’s lives easier.

Currently Lead Product Experience Designer @ Digitas Health.

What I do

With 10+ years experience in product and experience design (and some web development on the side!), I'm passionate about solving complex problems, and providing value for both people and businesses.

My goal is to "get it right" for both people and businesses, and I'm skilled at diving into market trends, user needs, and business goals to find strategic opportunities for product value, innovation and improvement.

My ability to see the big picture but also understand the finer details helps me tackle complex challenges - and also ensures any strategic decisions made meet not only user and business needs, but also any intricate legal, regulatory, or compliance requirements.

Working across the full end-to-end experience design process, my focus is firstly on getting to the root of the problem with research (making sure we're solving the right problem and not just a surface level consideration), and then solving the problem effectively by collaborating cross-functionally to design and create experiences that feel effortlessly "right" for people.

My real time to shine is during the design phase, where I enjoy getting stuck in with sketching out ideas, thinking in user flows, prototyping potential solutions, and then finding a final solution that is useful, usable and beautiful (because if it's missing one of these, the solution is likely to fail in the long run!).

✍️ I also have some bonus skills in content strategy and UX writing (including microcopy); thinking strategically about content to ensure both design and content work seamlessly together for the user.

Everyone who's worked with me would say I have an eye for detail - and this is especially relevant to UI design, where I am meticulous about ensuring everything is pixel perfect. I've done everything from extending existing design systems, to crafting new UI directions for brand refreshes, to creating completely new design systems from scratch.

I have extensive knowledge of design principles, typography, accessibility, colour theory, and visual hierarchy, and have a track record of creating visually compelling designs that not only elevate the overall user experience, but also reinforce brand identity and storytelling.

My background in web development means I'm quick to understand technical requirements & limitations, and can easily liaise with development teams.

I can also build fully functional front-end templates and websites (I actually built this site! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ), supply code suggestions when delivering designs and design systems (with specific browser/platform code options), and support with deployment-ready QA fixes to development teams to ensure consistency with the design intent.

Case Studies

Initiatives & passion projects

What it's like to work with me

I love working collaboratively, and bringing my project team, clients and stakeholders together - to firstly understand a problem, and then aligning to solve it together.

Here are a few quotes from recent anonymous feedback I've received (because anonymous feedback is more likely to be true πŸ˜‰) working at Digitas Health.

Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's so smart and knows how to connect the dots together for clients. She's always pushing for the most insight and people led approaches to projects and happy to push and push (in a nice way) the clients to do the right thing for the project. Her logical thinking and then often beautifully crafted output are exceptional. One of the best!

- Co-worker at Digitas Health

Laura is incredibly warm and open and demonstrates an incredible knowledge of her projects. She is always able to articulate her point of view and challenge where applicable. Clients really value her expertise and opinion and it's clear to see that she is trusted by them to deliver on a project.

- Co-worker at Digitas Health

Laura is a real pleasure to work with - she takes a holistic view of all the projects she is involved in and supports with conversations not only around her work, but takes an interest in all aspects of the project. She is also always very approachable and has the right approach to challenging asks. Finally, Laura's work is always exceptional and consistently goes above and beyond the clients expectations!

- Co-worker at Digitas Health

Who I've worked with

I've had the privilege of working with some fantastic clients from a number of high-profile businesses, including blue-chip and Fortune 500 companies.

Here are a few of them.